Reasons to Plant a Tree after Removing One

If you want to keep your house safe and boost the aesthetics and functionality of your property, then tree removal is often necessary. This is particularly true if the tree in your property is already decaying and dying.

Also, you might have to hire an emergency tree removal service if your tree is uprooted after a storm.

However, after you remove a tree, you’ve got to plant another one. Here are some reasons why you should do this:

Natural Climate Control

Nowadays, it’s easy to forget the simplicity of cooling down under a tree’s shade due to modern conveniences. If you’ve got a shady feature tree, you can easily produce an oasis in your backyard. You will keep the canopy of your tree under control and just where you need it with routine trimming. This feature tree offers cooling in the hot months and lowers wind load during the winter season. This protects your yards or your property from the full force of the wind.

Natural Sound Buffer

If you plant a hedge, you can lower noise from neighbors and busy roads. Dense trees make a great hedge, such as Lilly Pilly. They can help lower noise by a couple of decibels. This offers a natural and cheap alternative to sound-insulated boards. One cheap and popular tree that is easy to grow and available readily from Bunnings and nurseries are Lilly Pillies. Other types of trees, such as Resilience, are great for hedging and privacy screening.

Wildlife Habitat

Trees offer the required food source and are home to a lot of critters and animals. Clearing the trees for developments lowers the wildlife habitat places each day. Promote native wildlife in your backyard with trees that offer habitat to animals and critters. When thinking about planting new trees, you’ve got to ensure you think about the size of your block and what you utilize your property for. This is especially true if you are thinking about replanting with eucalyptus. There are a lot of mobile apps out there that can help you find a native tree appropriate for wildlife habitat.

Improve Property Value

Though an unkempt, overgrown tree can hurt the property value of your house, a tree that is well-maintained and well-kept can greatly boost the value and aesthetics of your property. You can get rid of poorly positioned, overgrown, and unsightly trees and replant with a more appropriate species that match the style of your house. Keep in mind that native species are always simpler to plant and will properly grow in your region.

Carbon Storage

Without a doubt, the most important advantage of replanting a tree is natural carbon storage. Tree planting is more vital than ever with global warming rising every year. For those who don’t know, carbon makes up to 50% of the dry mass of a tree. Every year, young trees get rid of around 5.9kg of carbon dioxide. They’re most effective once the tree reaches 10 years in age since they can remove around 20kg of Co2.